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HRXL-MaxSonar-WRS outdoor ultrasonic snow depth sensor


AN | PW | Serial

Specially designed and calibrated for snow depth measurement. The high gain allows users to detect snow depth changes as small as 3mm or better in real-world tests. (Stability of 1mm is common but can be disrupted by rapid temperature swings and high winds. 3mm thresholds reflect real-world results and far exceed industry standards of 7-12mm thresholds.)

Each $172.44

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scxl-maxsonar-wrs outdoor ultrasonic snow depth sensor


AN | PW | Serial

Shares the same features as the HRXL-WRS sensors but adds a self-cleaning transducer to remove ice build-up that may occur in some environments. Multi-sensor installations require alternating readings between sensors.

Each $229.94

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Other Sensors to Try

MB7354 outdoor ultrasonic snow depth sensor


AN | PW | RS232

Designed and optimized for snow depth measurement. Internal filtering, allows the sensor to operate and range properly even with the heaviest snowfall. Easy to integrate with many data-loggers.

Each $172.44

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MB7554 outdoor ultrasonic snow depth sensor


AN | PW | RS232

Shares the same features as the MB7354 but adds a self-cleaning transducer to remove ice build-up.

Starting at $229.94

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Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors represent a pivotal advancement in measuring and monitoring snow levels. These sensors provide accurate and reliable data on snow depth, crucial for various commercial operations.

MaxBotix stands at the forefront of this technology. Offering cutting-edge solutions, MaxBotix is your go-to source for high-quality ultrasonic sensors. Keep reading to discover how these sensors can revolutionize your snow depth measurement needs.

Understanding Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors

Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors operate by emitting ultrasonic waves towards the snow surface. The time taken for these waves to bounce back to the sensor is used to calculate the snow depth accurately. This technology is especially valuable in environments where snow depth and snow density are critical factors.

One of the key features of these sensors is their ability to function effectively across a wide temperature range. This ensures accurate readings even in extremely cold conditions. Additionally, the sensors are equipped with temperature compensation capabilities, which adjust the readings based on the air temperature, enhancing their accuracy.

The maximum cable length of these sensors is also a significant advantage. It allows for flexible installation, ensuring that the sensors can be positioned in the most optimal locations for data collection, irrespective of the distance from the monitoring station.

Why Choose Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors?

Benefits: Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors offer unparalleled accuracy in measuring snowpack levels. Their robust design and advanced technology ensure reliable performance under varying environmental conditions, making them indispensable for your operations.

Why MaxBotix: At MaxBotix, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier ultrasonic snow depth sensors. Our commitment to quality and innovation means you get the most reliable and efficient sensors on the market, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Call to Action: Are you ready to enhance your operations with the best ultrasonic sensors? Contact our team today. We’re here to provide you with the solutions you need for accurate and efficient snow depth measurement.

The Technical Advantages of Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors

Incorporating snow depth ultrasonic sensors into your operations offers several technical benefits. Firstly, these sensors are designed to measure snow depth with high precision, ensuring that you get consistent and reliable data. This accuracy is crucial for industries where monitoring snow density and depth is vital for operational safety and efficiency.

Another advantage is the durability of these sensors. Designed to withstand harsh winter conditions, they maintain functionality even in extreme cold, offering a broad temperature range for operation. This resilience ensures long-term reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements or maintenance.

Furthermore, the integration of temperature compensation technology in these sensors is a game-changer. It adjusts the measurements for variations in air temperature, providing you with more accurate data. This feature is particularly important in environments where temperature fluctuations are common, as it ensures that the readings remain consistent and reliable.

Applications in Various Industries

Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors find their application in a multitude of industries. For ski resorts, they are essential in monitoring snowpack levels to ensure safe and enjoyable skiing conditions. In the field of meteorology, these sensors provide vital data for weather forecasting and climate studies.

Transportation and public works also benefit greatly from these sensors. They can aid in road maintenance during winter, helping to predict and manage snow removal more efficiently. Additionally, in the context of environmental research, these sensors play a crucial role in studying snowfall patterns and their impact on ecosystems.

Enhancing Your Operations with MaxBotix Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors

Snow Depth Ultrasonic Sensors are not just tools; they are essential components that can significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations. Their precision, durability, and advanced features make them indispensable in today’s fast-paced and demanding commercial environments.

MaxBotix stands ready to equip you with these high-quality sensors. Our expertise and dedication to innovation mean that you can count on us for the most reliable and effective snow depth measurement solutions.

Don’t let inaccurate snow depth measurements hinder your operations. Contact our team at MaxBotix today and take the first step toward integrating the best ultrasonic snow depth sensors into your workflow.

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Logic — Digital High/LowAN — Analog VoltagePW — Pulse WidthAE — Analog EnvelopeI2C — I2C BusUSB — USB ConnectorRS232 — RS232 SerialTTL — TTL SerialSerial — RS232 or TTL serial