RangeTrack by MaxBotix

RangeTrack™ is an application designed to make integration and deployment of MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensors easier. By utilizing our new USB cable attach option, RangeTrack is able to automatically connect to a wide variety of MaxBotix sensors in moments with no custom wiring or other additional software, allowing you to quickly get to work validating performance in your application, saving time as you work to develop your application.

RangeTrack leverages the engineering expertise behind MaxBotix ultrasonic sensors, highlighting the advanced capabilities of our product lines such as the TankSensor's Teach feature.

RangeTrack Software by MaxBotix displaying sample data to show ease of use and features

Effortlessly Graph Data and Track Live Measurements

Please note that the software requires a USB connected sensor.

Download RangeTrack™

The user guide provides detailed instructions on how to use RangeTrack™, as well as documentation of all its features. The user guide, software, and EULA can be downloaded above.

By downloading or using RangeTrack you agree to the End User License Agreement

Above is a mock up demonstration of using RangeTrack™. Please note that this is not to scale.

Change Log

Version # Description Download Date
V1.0 Initial Release Download & Agree to EULA 04/25/2024