Interactive Kiosk Application Sensors

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Sensors For All Environments

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AN | PW | RS232

Detects people to ~8ft and can be easily hidden for a fully finished product. 1cm resolution. Multi-sensor installations require chaining or triggered firing.

Starting at $114.94

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AN | PW | Serial

Detects people to ~7ft and allows for simple integration and a quick easy design process. 1mm resolution and calibrated accuracy. Sensor can easily be used in low density multi-sensor installations.

Starting at $126.44

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Other Sensors to Try

Ultrasonic Car Detection Sensor

MB8450 Car Detection Sensor


A USB ultrasonic proximity sensor with a True/False output that is capable of detecting a person to ~4ft. Designed for use in high density multi-sensor installations.

Each $103.44

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MB7363 Outdoor Ultrasonic Sensor

MB7363 HRXL-MaxSonar-WRLS

AN | PW | RS232

The MB7363 is capable of detecting people to distances of ~18ft. This sensor has the longest range for detecting a people in the MaxSonar sensor line.

Each $137.94

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Sensors For Protected / Indoor Use

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LV-ProxSonar-EZ ultrasonic proximity sensor


Logic | RS232

Available with multiple pre-defined proximity zones of a set distance. The sensors provide a True/False output depending on if an object is present in the defined proximity zone. Works in multi-sensor environments.

Each $34.44

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USB-ProxSonar-EZ usb ultrasonic proximity sensor



Similar in function to the LV-ProxSonar sensors. These sensors feature an easy to use USB connection. Great for distributed IT networks and for a quick proof of concept from engineering. Uses the same Micro‑B USB connection as many modern cell phones.

Each $59.94

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Other Sensors to Try

LV-MaxSonar-EZ ultrasonic sensor


AN | PW | RS232

Great for applications where a single sensor is being used. The range information provided allows users to setup custom detection zones.

Each $34.44

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XL-MaxSonar-EZ ultrasonic sensor


AN | PW | RS232

Detects people to long distances. Great for measuring a person’s height or for applications with specific longer range requirements. Single sensor operation or chaining is recommended.

Starting at $45.94

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Table Legend

Logic — Digital High/LowAN — Analog VoltagePW — Pulse WidthAE — Analog EnvelopeI2C — I2C BusUSB — USB ConnectorRS232 — RS232 SerialTTL — TTL SerialSerial — RS232 or TTL serial