Design Cycle Guide: Production Planning

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This is a critical phase of the overall success of the project as MaxBotix Inc., and you collaborate and finalize the desired deliveries. MaxBotix Inc., audits its lead times to ensure the most current information is used during this process. We, do our best to meet the shipping demands of each customer while communicating the feasibility to meet their requirements. Once we agree to the production plan, a scheduled quote is issued and the high‑volume purchase order is submitted.

Key Takeaways

  • MaxBotix Inc., verifies vendor lead times.
  • Collaborate on payment schedules and production delivery timeline.
  • Full production begins upon receipt of the signed quote with your purchase order (PO) and down payment.
  • This is the sixth article in a series of articles. The first article can be viewed here.

Phase 5: Production Planning reviews and finalizes all the details required for your project to move forward with a successful production schedule. During this phase, we discuss the logistical requirements to ensure your production runs smoothly.

Finalizing Your Production Details

A tentative schedule based on your production requirements is put together. We collaborate on the delivery dates to meet your needs. During this process, we verify that our supply line will meet your requirements and delivery schedule. We discuss any delivery discrepancies that may exist. We also discuss the payment schedule to ensure your shipments are able to arrive on time.

You can expect that we will work together on the quote until we mutually agree on the production plan and schedule. Once there is mutual agreement on the production schedule, a signed quote and/or PO, and a down payment are received, Phase 6: Full Production starts. Additional payments may be required when the first deliveries are expected on a compressed timeline.
DESIGN TIP Ask one of the MaxBotix Inc., sales representatives about our product accessories or contract-manufacturing services like adding wires, connectors, or even mounting the sensor in the final assembly.

Your Competitive Advantage

We provide cost-effective, high-performance sensor solutions to help you have the competitive advantage you need to achieve the best pricing that creates a win-win for everyone. As your sensor supplier, we have achieved this in several unique ways.

  • Secure & Reliable Supply Chain. As a start‑to‑finish manufacturing company, we understand the need for exceptional products. We choose to do business with vendors that provide us with quality products and services so you can rely on us for your sensor needs.
  • High Volume & Scalable Production. We easily support deliveries of over 10,000 units per week.
  • Prepayment Policy. Prepayment benefits us and our customer base because MaxBotix Inc., does not pass along the additional costs of payment tracking, delayed payments, late payments, or non-payment into the pricing structure.Prompt payment with our payment policy will get your order processed. The lead time countdown for your order starts once the payment is received. Give your finance department a heads up, so they can complete this process quickly. This ensures we are able to start manufacturing your solution in the desired timeline. If there are any questions regarding this payment policy, one of our friendly sales staff will be glad to help.
  • Designs that Last. Robust sensor hardware designs that hold up to the test of time and rugged environments with MTBFs of over 200,000+ hours. See the MaxSonar Reliability Demonstration article.
DESIGN TIP Our pricing structure is stable and the price we quote you is the pricing that remains throughout your project. However, pricing may increase if the scope of the project changes.

Upon receipt of the signed quote with your PO and down payment, Phase 6: Full Deployment & Production begins.

Look for our next article: Full Deployment & Production. Rollout of full deployment and production.

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