Design Cycle Guide: Full Deployment & Production


At this phase, our order processing department issues the invoice for the required payment. Vendor lead times are confirmed with MaxBotix Inc., product shipment schedules. MaxBotix Inc., starts the production of the units. Required payment is received before shipments are started and/or released from our manufacturing facility. Phase 5 and 6 are repeated as needed over the life of the project.

Key Takeaways

  • The lead time is confirmed and starts when your down payment is received.
  • We have flexible scheduling to meet your production needs.
  • High volume manufacturing process controls ensure your sensors are consistent quality.
  • Repeat Phases 5 & 6 for the life of the project.
  • This is the seventh article in a series of articles. The first article can be viewed here.

Phase 5: Production Planning paved the way for full sensor deployment. Effective deployment requires a well-oiled manufacturing machine. The inputs that keep manufacturing running are payments, vendor deliveries, and controlled processes which result in quality shipments to customers.

At the start of this phase, order processing issues an invoice. Full production begins when the down payment or first payment is received. Speak to your MaxBotix Inc., sales representative with any questions regarding down payment. Lead times are calculated from the date the down payment is received. With the order submitted to production, purchasing schedules all the required orders with our vendors. These lead times are verified prior to sending the quote, however, the occasional adjustment to lead times may be required as a result from delays in order placement. We will discuss any such changes to lead times with you should the issue arise. Each shipment is produced according to the schedule ensuring your requirements and expectations are met. The payment for each individual shipment is typically scheduled 1 to 3 weeks prior to the shipping date. This prevents unforeseen processing delays from impeding your shipment. Phase 5 and 6 are repeated as needed over the life of the project.

Advantages of MaxBotix Manufacturing

We are a high volume manufacturer and our highest priority is to meet your delivery requirements and expectations. When MaxBotix manufactures your sensors, you will experience these advantages.

  • High Volume Manufacturing Process Controls. We are a process-based manufacturer which ensures our customers receive the same sensor today as a year from now. We have strict compliance and QA policies, inspection, and 100% testing on all sensors, leaving our facility. You can have full confidence in the sensors that arrive at your facility.
  • Secure & Reliable Supply Chain. As a start‑to‑finish manufacturing company, we understand the need for exceptional products. We choose to do business with vendors that provide us with quality products and services so you can rely on us for your sensor needs.
  • In Stock. Quick Delivery. Our standard products are in stock for quick delivery. Prompt payment will get your order processed quickly. It is important that your finance department is aware of our prepayment policy so they can process your purchase order and submit payment. Once payment is received, we start manufacturing the solution that meet your project’s requirements. Thousands of sensors are produced in our manufacturing facility every week.
  • Delivery of Semi-Custom Solutions. We use as many standard components as possible for all sensor designs. Couple that with our reliable vendor supply chain and we will do everything possible to meet all manufacturing timelines.
  • Flexible Scheduling. We will work with you for scheduling projects where the sensor solution was needed yesterday.
  • Contract Manufacturing Services. We offer contract manufacturing services like adding wires, connectors, or even mounting the sensor in the final assembly. Ask one of our MaxBotix Inc., sales representatives for more information regarding such services.
DESIGN TIP Contact a MaxBotix Inc., sales Representative regarding our payment policy if you have any questions.

Once we start production, we will complete Phase 7: Feedback & Evaluation.

Look for our next article: Feedback Evaluation. Provides continuous improvement and feedback of our process.

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