Design Cycle Guide: Feedback Evaluation


Now is the time when you are able to help us improve your experience in the future. We want to know how everything went. What was good, where can we improve, and how did our products and service accomplish your goals. If you have a concern at any point during the process, please contact your sales rep so that we can work together moving forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Real-time feedback increases customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Real-time feedback is welcome at any point of the design cycle.
  • Real-time feedback improves processes quickly.
  • This is the eighth article in a series of articles. The first article can be viewed here.

MaxBotix Inc., values you, and this phase of the process is simple: it centers around improving the experience for you. We want to provide you with a great experience, so we want to hear your feedback and personal testimony about MaxBotix Inc. Our culture is an environment of continuous improvement. We use your feedback to evaluate our processes and procedures. This is done by taking a look at a few basic questions to help us evaluate your experience.

  • How well does MaxBotix Inc., meet your expectations?
  • How are we doing and what is going well?
  • How do our products perform in your application?
  • Where can we improve your experience?

How well does MaxBotix Inc, meet your expectations?

Customers have set expectations. Customers rightfully expect excellent customer service and high quality products. Beyond that, each customer has specific expectations for succeeding in their production cycle. The first question we ask tries to nail down these expectations. When we understand your expectations we can work to better align our services and processes to meet and surpass your expectations. Our goal is to leave you wanting to continue our business relationship for your current and future applications. We appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative because it allows us to improve your customer experience in the future.

How are we doing and what is going well?

If the products are excellent, customers generally continue to patronize a company even when their services fall short. This leads to the second question, “What are we doing well?” Our goal is to provide you with quality products, and an excellent customer experience.

How do our products perform in your application?

The reason you came to MaxBotix Inc., was because you needed a sensor. We want to hear about how our sensors are performing in your application.

Where can we improve your experience?

There is always room for improvement. Our final question provides you with an opportunity to comment on anything big or small that you feel we can do better.

DESIGN TIP MaxBotix Inc., has a formal step in our process for feedback, and we welcome your feedback at any time during the design cycle. If there is a question or concern, positive or negative, please contact a MaxBotix Inc., sales representative so we can discuss it and improve our process, if necessary.

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