Design Cycle Guide: Partnership & Future Projects


We want to continue working with you on future projects where our products and services can help make you be successful. Additionally, we want to hear about other businesses that you feel can benefit from our services.

Key Takeaways

  • MaxBotix Inc., believes in creating relationships and partnerships with our customers
  • Customer success and satisfaction is our number one priority
  • MaxBotix Inc., diverse products and services help you succeed on your projects
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MaxBotix Inc., is committed to the success of our customers. We hope that your first experience solidifies your desire to partner with us on future projects. MaxBotix offers a variety of services to help you achieve success.

Why does MaxBotix Inc., partner?

We believe that the same way one chooses a friend should be reflected in the way they select a product for their application. We see every customer as a partner. You need to be able to trust the product and the supplier. You also need to know that the supplier will stand by you. You can expect to be treated well before, during, and after the purchasing process. MaxBotix takes ownership of nurturing relationships with the hope they will last a lifetime.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer success and satisfaction is our number one priority. A customer came to us with a unique problem. Customer needed a sensor for collision avoidance on their robot to prevent damage to the robot and surrounding environment. We collaborated on the project including a thorough review of the requirements. We determined that an off-the-shelf sensor solution would work for proof-of-concept and prototyping. They successfully integrated this sensor into their design providing the needed detection. Once the proof-of-concept was completed, we customized the sensor which required a specific color to match the production requirements for the robot design. MaxBotix Inc., has the ability to match color requirements which allowed our customer to deliver a robot with professional appearance. Once this phase of the design was completed, they rolled into full production with a typical shipment size of 10,000 units that has been running successfully for several years now.

MaxBotix Inc., Services Available for your Success

MaxBotix Inc., offers a number of services to help you through any challenges you may run across in your various applications. Some of the most common services are:

  • Application‑specific sensors
  • R&D feasibility studies and sensor specification
  • Engineering semi‑custom sensors
  • Engineering fully custom sensors
  • Product accessories
  • Turnkey manufacturing services

Ask your sales representative if you are interested in any of the above services.

Applications We Support

Ultrasonic sensor technology is used in many applications. These are some of the more common applications.

Automated Store Displays Booths & Kiosks Car Detection Dimensioning & Positioning Freight Management Systems Liquid Level Control Lithium Battery Applications Long-Range Object Detection Mobile Robotics Non‑Contact Detection Parking Garages People Detection Proximity Detection Remote Monitoring Stations Shipping Systems Solar Powered Applications Tank Level Measurement Tide/Water Level Monitoring Trash Level Measurement Security Systems

MaxBotix Inc., looks forward to working with you on future projects. We want to continue to earn your business through partnership. As you work with your project and have any questions about our design cycle process, contact your MaxBotix sales representative or use the ASK A QUESTION button at the top of this page. Our goal is to build lasting relationships and partnerships for a win-win for our customers and for MaxBotix Inc.

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