Design Cycle Guide: Outro

Review of the Design Cycle Guide

MaxBotix Inc., finds the information in this guide to be beneficial to our customers as they endeavor along the Design Cycle from concept to full deployment. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact your sales representative.

Phase 1: Concept & Requirements

We start the process by developing a mutual understanding of your application vision, specific requirements and sensor needs. This step defines the details and outcomes you require to be successful. This includes reviewing your sensor, application, and production requirements. Additionally, we explore your use of a contract manufacturer to ensure there is a smooth transition into high volume production. This step is typically completed by a phone call. At the end of this step, we complete an initial evaluation to determine if we can meet your sensor and application needs.

Phase 2: Discover & Education

During this phase, we share information about our mutual businesses and goals. We present our process for doing business. Additionally, we review and discuss any legal requirements such as contracts, NDAs, and tax exemption certificates. If an NDA has not been executed at this point, we execute a mutual NDA. Assuming all things check out, we move onto the next phase, Product Selection.

Phase 3: Product Selection

During this phase, we provide the recommended options for success based on your needs. Additionally, we further discuss any potential specific application needs. Recommendations can include an off‑the‑shelf sensor, a custom or semi‑custom sensor NRE project, or a feasibility study for unknown applications. After product selection takes place, the quoting process beings.

Phase 4: Proof of Concept & Testing

During this phase, we ensure that the sensor used in the application will be successful. An NRE project and feasibility studies begin during this stage when applicable. Once the proof of concept is proven to work, testing increases in scale and a larger quantity of sensors are used to ensure any previously unidentified issues are discovered. The test sample size is typically 1% to 10% of the total quantity being installed. This phase is complete when you issue a written approval that the application is successful as designed.


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Phase 5: Production Planning

This is a critical phase of the overall success of the project as MaxBotix Inc., and you collaborate and finalize the desired deliveries. MaxBotix Inc., audits its lead times to ensure the most current information is used during this process. We, do our best to meet the shipping demands of each customer while communicating the feasibility to meet their requirements. Once we agree to the production plan, a scheduled quote is issued and the high‑volume purchase order is submitted.

Phase 6: Full Deployment & Production

At this phase, our order processing department issues the invoice for the required payment. Vendor lead times are confirmed with MaxBotix Inc., product shipment schedules. MaxBotix Inc., starts the production of the units. Required payment is received before shipments are started and/or released from our manufacturing facility. Phase 5 and 6 are repeated as needed over the life of the project.

Phase 7: Feedback Evaluation

Now is the time when you are able to help us improve your experience in the future. We want to know how everything went. What was good, where can we improve, and how did our products and service accomplish your goals. If you have a concern at any point during the process, please contact your sales rep so that we can work together moving forward.

Phase 8: Partnership & Future Projects

We want to continue working with you on future projects where our products and services can help make you be successful. Additionally, we want to hear about other businesses that you feel can benefit from our services.

Thank You!

Thank you for doing business with MaxBotix Inc. We strive to meet your needs for your sensor product. We look forward to building a business relationship with you through your sensor project(s) now and in the future.

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