Trash Bin Level Measurement Sensors

Saving time saves money. Government and private sector businesses are always looking for cost-effective solutions to better serve their customers. Waste collection costs can be greatly reduced by incorporating ultrasonic sensors into trash bins. Real-time data gives the necessary feedback which reduces scheduling costs so trash bins are only collected when full. This real-time monitoring and historic monitoring allows for better route planning and scheduling. What are the actual cost savings? The result is lower labor costs, fewer trucks needed, and lower fleet maintenance expenses.

One very satisfied customer said after integrating the XL-TrashSonar-WR into their trash monitoring solution, “They just work, it is great to not worry about sensor operation after installation.”

Trash Level Measurement Sensors

Trash level measurement sensors are great for trash bin monitoring. MaxSonar trash sensors are designed to reliably report trash levels when the sensors are properly mounted. Our trash level measurement sensors are available with multiple interfaces that include analog voltage, pulse width, and RS232 serial. This makes it possible for reporting when a trash bin is empty or full. Data can also determine if additional trash bins are needed or not needed at a location.

Low Power

MaxSonar ultrasonic trash sensors are lower power devices that are able to be powered from various sources. These sensors have an operational voltage of 3.0VDC to 5.5VDC and have an average current draw of 3.4mA when operating at 5VDC. This low operational voltage means sensors can be powered by batteries or solar panels.

Application Matched

MaxBotix trash level measurement sensors are designed to be powered from various sources to reduce long-term installation costs. This means a complete system does not have to draw power from a central grid which serves as another way of reducing maintenance costs of a trash bin that is monitored.

Our sensors are/have:

  • Engineered, Tested, & Assembled in USA
  • 200,000+ hour MTBF
  • IP67 Rated
  • 100% calibration and testing
  • Thousands shipped each week
  • Direct manufacturer support
  • Easy mounting

MaxSonar sensors are available with a self-cleaning feature which reduces and prevents condensation that can occur on the sensor. This gives the best sensor readings even on days with high humidity.

To read more about trash level applications and our role in smart waste management, read our article Smart Waste Collection and the Importance of Optimizing Routes with Sensors


If you’re in need of a reliable sensor for your waste level sensing, our TrashSonar line is ideal.

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