Car Detection Sensors

Whether your application is in a parking garage or a drive-through, our sensors give reliable readings and are competitively priced, making this an excellent option for vehicle detection. If you need any further help selecting the right sensor for you, please reach out to our support team at Also, you can click here to read more about this application.

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Car detection sensor

MB8450 Car Detection Sensor


A USB ultrasonic proximity sensor with a True/False output. Designed for various installations: drive thru ATMs, fast‑food restaurants, pharmacies, smart parking meters, or outdoor parking garages. Well suited to multi-sensor arrays.

Each $103.44

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MB7560 Outdoor Ultrasonic Sensor


AN | PW | RS232

Great for environments where condensation is occurring on the sensor face. 1mm resolution with calibrated accuracy. Moderate multi-sensor operation built in.

Each $172.44

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MB7560 outdoor ultrasonic sensor


AN | PW | RS232

Same features as the MB7560 with a compact housing.

Each $172.44

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Other Sensors to Try

MB7060 outdoor ultrasonic sensor


AN | PW | RS232

For setups where custom mounting is required. This sensor’s small footprint allows for easy concealment.

Each $114.94

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MB7067 ultrasonic sensor for outdoor car applications


AN | PW | RS232

Same features as the MB7060 with a compact housing.

Each $114.94

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MB7060 outdoor ultrasonic sensor


AN | PW | RS232

Faster refresh rate than the MB7560. 1cm resolution. Multiple sensor installations require chaining or triggered firing

Each $114.94

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Table Legend

Logic — Digital High/LowAN — Analog VoltagePW — Pulse WidthAE — Analog EnvelopeI2C — I2C BusUSB — USB ConnectorRS232 — RS232 SerialTTL — TTL SerialSerial — RS232 or TTL serial