Protected Use - Kiosk Applications

The advanced filtering in the MaxSonar sensors that have been recommended for kiosk applications includes the ability to operate with multiple sensors simultaneously.

The filtering is also preprogrammed with trigger distances to ensure the kiosk only acts when a person is within a certain distance. This allows the kiosk to operate reliably, even when multiple kiosks are setup in the same environment.

The ProxSonar-EZ ultrasonic proximity sensors have pre-programmed detection distances of 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 5ft, or 7ft. This means that whenever a person is within the detection distance, the sensor will output a digital high signal. When there are no detectable targets within the detection zone, the sensor outputs a digital low signal. Simply choose the sensor with the detection zone that is desired distance you require for your kiosk.

If you need a specific trigger distance that is not provided, please contact us about a semi-custom version.

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Test These First!


ultrasonic sensor for indoor kiosk application
Available with multiple pre-defined proximity zones of a set distance. The sensors provide a True/False output depending on if an object is present in the defined proximity zone. Works in multi-sensor environments. Each $29.95
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ultrasonic usb sensor for indoor kiosk application
Similar in function to the LV-ProxSonar sensors. These sensors feature an easy to use USB connection. Great for distributed IT networks and for a quick proof of concept from engineering. Uses the same Micro‑B USB connection as many modern cell phones. Each $49.95
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Other Sensors to Try


ultrasonic sensor for indoor kiosk application
Great for applications where a single sensor is being used. The range information provided allows users to setup custom detection zones. Each $29.95
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ultrasonic sensor for indoor kiosk application i2c
Detects people to long distances. Great for measuring a person’s height or for applications with specific longer range requirements. Single sensor operation or chaining is recommended. Starting at $39.95 More Info

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Table Legend

Logic — Digital High/Low
AN — Analog Voltage
PW — Pulse Width
AE — Analog Envelope
I2C — I2C Bus
USB — USB Connector
RS232 — RS232 Serial
TTL — TTL Serial