Fluorosilicone Sealant for our Outdoor Ultrasonic Sensors

The MaxBotix F-Option (IP68) provides additional protection necessary in a few hazardous chemical environments. Extremely corrosive gases or liquids can degrade or compromise the operation of the sensing unit. As a result, we offer a more chemically inert seal which allows our sensors to operate in all but the harshest of chemical environments. In addition to the chemical resistance, the sensor has improved performance in wet or dust environments.

Please Note:

Our sensors are designed for operation in normal atmosphere (air).  Please be aware that the speed of sound and atmospheric attenuation may change as a result of the transmission properties of different chemical/air mediums.  Users are strongly encouraged to characterize and test the operation of the sensor in the new medium to verify operation, and properly scale the outputted range information.


The exposed materials of a properly mounted MaxSonar‑WR sensor with the F-Option (IP68) added are: Aluminum (oxidized surface), PVC, & Fluorosilicone (with an additional back up FEP Teflon® seal).

Standard Weather Resistant Models

The exposed materials of a properly mounted MaxSonar‑WR standard sensor are: Aluminum (oxidized surface), PVC, & silicone rubber (VMQ).