Chemical Compatibility

As you are looking for a sensor solution for your application, there may be environments where our sensors are compatible and others where they may be ideal with add-ons of our F-Option and P-Option. This table below dictates the compatibility of our standard WR sensors and the add-ons we offer (F-Option and P-Option). We will try our best to provide the chemicals and materials we are and not compatible with.
This information is referenced from public sources, we have not tested in each environment. The customer is responsible for verification in their personal application.
NC = Not Compatible C= Compatible R=Require NR= Not Require O=Optional
Chemical / Material Protected by Standard Sensor Protected by F-Option Protected by P-Option
Hydrochloric acid NC C R
Sulfuric acid - 10% C C O
Hydrofluoric acid - 10% NC NC C
NaOH solution - 10% NC C C
Hydrogen peroxide water C C C
Toluene C C C
Acetone NC NC C
Monochlorobenzene NC C C
Diesel* NC R O
Gasoline* C C C
Salt Water* NC O R
P-Option added are: Parylene, PVC, & silicone rubber (VMQ). F-Option (IP68) added are: Aluminum (oxidized surface), PVC, & Fluorosilicone (with an additional back up FEP Teflon® seal). Standard Weather Resistant Models are: Aluminum (oxidized surface), PVC, & silicone rubber (VMQ). F-Option & P-Option are: Parylene, PVC & Fluorosilicone (with an additional back up FEP Teflon® seal)