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wireless ultrasonic tank level monitor

Florida based company Invigicom Inc. developed an easy to use solution that replaces traditional tank monitoring systems that use float gauges or pressure sensors. They provide a turnkey tank monitoring solution. Invigicom’s focus is on improving the operational efficiency and environmental management of the companies in the market with products that answer the question of “How many gallons, where, and when…”  It’s done with a web-based wireless sensor system that monitors the tanks and provides near real-time data on their contents.


invigicom unit


The InvigiSense™ product family provides a complete system that collects data from the tanks, stores it in the cloud and allows users to access the data from any browser. Your team can get alert messages via email to tell you when a tank needs servicing. Invigicom needed a non-contact sensor to use in the application to measure the liquid level in a tank without placing the sensor in the liquid. That’s why they chose to work with our sensors


invigisense installed


Why work with Invigicom?

  • They provide an easy to use solution for wireless ultrasonic tank level monitoring. Just screw the sensor module into a standard 2 inch port in the tank and turn on a web browser to see the data.
  • Get email alerts for tank servicing.
  • You can move a monitor to a different tank very easily. You don’t have to change any cables, just tell Invigicom the dimensions and maximum capacity of the new tank so the sensor can be calibrated for the new environment.
  • Within the Invigicom product family, they have the capability to monitor a wide variety of liquids including waste, petroleum and harsh chemicals.
  • Invigicom monitors the back office for system problems. In many cases, they will see problems before the customer does and have the ability to fix them through the back office.
  • If the problems aren’t able to be fixed through the back office. They’ll work with the customer to resolve the problem.

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