Wifi to Cellular Gateway For IIoT Products

Wifi to Cellular Gateway For IIoT Products - MaxBotix
wifi cellular gateway iiot MC Smart Controls & CellFree Wireless are US-based companies that specialize in IoT and IIoT solutions in need of Wifi to Cellular gateways. Types of solutions:
Industrial Commercial
Inexpensive wireless internet connect solutions. IoT
Industrial sensors Leak detection systems
Industrial controls Real estate technology
Industrial monitoring Proptech
MC Smart Controls and CellFree Wireless work with their sensor partners to integrate their products into wireless technology to create a complete end user solution. Companies would work with their technology because they provide an inexpensive, no data fee, gateway product for connecting to the internet. wireless cellular gateway Watch this video for more information about the CFW-1000 WIFI NB-IoT/2G Cellular Gateway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoXOzezlrNk In areas where ISP access is either nonexistent or cost-prohibitive, CellFree Wireless was established to solve internet connectivity problems. CellFree's parent company Safehous is a real estate technology company. Safehous developed a smart IoT leak detection system. Each apartment had to have internet access without using the renter's WIFI. In partnership with one of the largest cell phone service providers and cellular modem providers, CellFree has developed an affordable and low-bandwidth solution with free data for the first five to ten years. https://youtu.be/SPWZT_EXG_0 Additional Resources: CellFree Wireless - The only IoT cellular gateway you will ever need MC Smart Controls - Providing IoT & IoT Solutions for your industry Safehous - Industrial Leak Detection Systems for Commercial Properties

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