Water Reservoir Level Meters with Locator CJSC

Water Reservoir Level Meters with Locator CJSC - MaxBotix
water reservoir level meter Armenia based company Locator CJSC designs, produces and supplies water reservoir level meters. Their primary focus is in Armenia's market with optimal price and quality terms. Industries Served
  • Drinking Water Management
  • Irrigation Water Management
Types of Solutions Provided
  • Design, production and supply of water reservoir level meters
  • Design, development, and implementation of DCS and SCADA centralized monitoring and management systems
  • Technical maintenance of communication and metering equipment
The Role of MaxBotix Sensors Locator uses MaxBotix sensors as water reservoir level meter sensors. Why Work with Locator CJSC? Locator develops private and state structures to solve complex problems with a mix of advanced technologies. Their professional approach and partnerships has allowed them to develop solutions in these industries: locator industries

Learn more about Locator here: https://www.locator.am/

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