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water infrastructure monitoring with dryp

Denmark based company Dryp develops solutions to manage and monitor entire water infrastructures in real time. They achieve this by leveraging a network of distributed wireless sensors. The system is designed as a plug-and-play solution, which means that it can be installed easily without the need for any professional installation services. The system consists of two main components: A set of low cost wireless sensors with built-in power supply and communication capabilities; An application server, which collects data from all sensors and provides information about their status through web interfaces or mobile applications.

Industries Served:

  • Environmental services
  • Wastewater and Rainwater management services

Dryp's Easy Installation.

Easy installation and activation are hallmarks of this system. Additionally, the system has been tested on different types of pipes and materials. It also works well under harsh conditions such as high temperatures and vibrations. Within minutes, you can access the data online. You will receive alerts when there is a problem within your network. This allows you to take immediate action before problems occur.

Monitoring system that is completely automated.

This monitoring system includes health checks, alarms, and notifications. All these features allow users to have complete visibility into the state of their networks at all times. You can view detailed reports on each individual component. These include temperature readings, pressure levels, flow rates, etc. In addition to providing comprehensive information, the system also offers proactive maintenance recommendations. It helps prevent costly repairs due to leaks and other issues.

Solutions Supported by Dryp

Dryp provides an end-to-end solution that allows smart water monitoring ,operating, and planning. This can be done in real-time using a network of distributed wireless sensors and technology advancements such as ICT, IoT, and bid data. Dryp's solutions help water utilities manage their operations. With Dryp, measured data is provided as a service, quality controlled, ready to use in your decision process and third party software. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, the Dryp sensor measures water levels wirelessly. As soon as you activate the unit, data is provided for you.

Dryp Drainage The system is designed as a plug and play device that can be installed in any existing drainage pipe, without the need of digging trenches or cutting pipes. The sensors are placed at different depths within the pipe depending on the type of installation required. A typical application would be monitoring the flow rate through a storm drain. A single sensor could monitor up to 10 meters of pipe with a resolution of 0.1 litres per minute.

Dryp Overflow Monitoring structures that overflow. Monitoring overflow structures is necessary for many reasons, including compliance with regulations, reporting overflow frequencies, determining discharge profiles and monitoring emissions in real-time. Overflow monitoring with Dryp Overflow makes it easy to see how overflow discharges and rainfall affect your sewer system. In Dryp's philosophy, they simplify and standardize monitoring to cover most monitoring situations cost-effectively.

Dryp Stormwater The system is designed as a low cost, robust and reliable solution that can be installed in existing storm drains or new construction projects with minimal disruption. The sensors are placed above the drain where they collect data on flow rate, levels, and other data. This information is then transmitted wirelessly to a central database which provides real-time monitoring and alerts when any one parameter exceeds its threshold value.

The role of MaxBotix Sensors in this application

The sensors enable the end-to-end solution and have been found to work well in most of the environments they've been exposed to. This allows Dryp to offer:
  • Specific data-driven applications
  • Through all of their specific application offerings, they can offer concrete data-driven solutions, which give their customers a holistic overview over their water infrastructure.

Why work with Dryp?

Dryp offers their clients smart, efficient, affordable, and long-term solutions for their water infrastructure challenges. Their customers - local water managers, in a traditional setting, have two options when faced with challenges operating and managing their water infrastructure. Either they can buy hardware (sensor) or hire a traditional consultancy. A consultant takes the ownership of the task and creates a solution for the local manager who then operates the solution given and created by the consultancy. This approach has an expiration date and only works until other challenges happen. Dryp, on the other hand, offers its customers an assistant role. They collaborate with the local operator, since they have the best overview of their local infrastructure. A local operator is Dryp’s partner in this task, as their knowledge is combined with Dryp’s data, AI, and machine learning and apply it to the specific case. Dryp’s data develop a basis for supporting their assistance. The customer can apply the knowledge locally while using Dryp’s services on a recurring basis. Solutions like these, create sustainable and ongoing assistance for the local operator.


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