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ultrasonic non-contact level sensor

Melbourne, Australia based company ellenex released a low power, battery operated non-contact level sensor which they call DUS2. ellenex's DUS2 has many benefits over traditional devices which require power cables or other connection methods. The battery operated design makes this device easy to install in remote locations with no need for a connected power supply, making it perfect for applications like measuring flow rates and flood levels when there are restrictions on cable length. ellenex serves different industries with their sensor solutions, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Water and Utility
  • Oil and Gas
  • Logistics
  • Mining

In ellenex’s wireless sensor solution the DUS2, a MaxBotix WR sensor is the sensing element in their LPWAN solutions. ellenex's LPWAN / MaxBotix WR sensors are designed to be installed on the outside of tanks or containers for reliable level measurement with an accurate digital reading. These devices can monitor liquid surface heights by sending out short bursts of sound waves at specific frequencies which detect changes in distance caused by level variations. The MaxBotix WR senses various fluids, including water and oil products such as crude petroleum, biodiesel fuel oils, gasoline fuels, ethanol alcohols and many others. You can review the MaxBotix Chemical Compatibility Chart Here The product is based on 3 communication technologies

  • NB IoT Cat M1 - an IoT communication protocol, which can be used for low power consumption and long battery life.
  • LoRaWAN - a long-range wireless protocol for IoT.
  • Low Power Satellite (ready for commercialization in 2-3 months)
Flexible options for data management and visualization/notification:
  • Directly to the end user platform directly from the sensor
  • The information can be pulled by the API
  • Deliver a microservice platform (possibly rebranded for the end user)
Why work with ellenex? ellenex is a market leader in LPWAN technologies with deep engineering capabilities to offer end to end solutions. They are currently working with a wide range of international partners and system integrators to offer their solutions. ellenex has a strong research and development team to ensure that the products are able to keep up with the latest technological trends. The types of applications supported by ellenex are:
  • Water tank level monitoring in farms
  • Water trough level monitoring
  • Diesel tank level monitoring
  • Flood monitoring
  • Chemical tank level monitoring
  • Open channel level monitoring

ellenex currently services more than 50 countries. Their focus market is Australia, but currently expanding into the US and European markets.

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