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Xiamen, Fujian Province, China-based company Ursalink has developed an IoT level measurement solution working with our MB7380 (5m) and MB7383 (10m) ultrasonic sensors. Ursalink’s EM500-UDL is an outdoor environment monitoring sensor mainly used to measure distance without object interface contact. This battery-powered solution is designed for various mounting needs. Industries served by Ursalink include:

  • Smart Agriculture
  • Water Treatment
  • Smart City
The transceiver of EM500-UDL is based on LoRaWAN technology, which is able to provide long range data transmission up to 10+ km. Types of solutions: Ursalink offers extremely accurate ultrasonic level sensors. The non-contact, liquid level sensors can work for compact tanks with measuring ranges from 0.3 meters up to 10 meters and work in a variety of hazardous locations approvals to meet the demands of the chemical processing industries. Source: Ursalink Ursalink decided to work with our sensors due to their high accuracy for distance measurement. level sensor

Why work with Ursalink?

Ursalink has been working to develop and improve complete solutions including devices and cloud service.

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This solution:

The sensors can mount at the top of the tank and face down to the liquid surface. The sensor sends a signal and measures the time it takes for the signal to return. By measuring the time, you’re able to calculate the level or volume in the tank. This LoRaWAN based ultrasonic level sensor collects data and can send it to the base station wirelessly. Maintenance issues and cost of day-to-day usage are mitigated by the use of built-in lithium batteries.

Additional Resources:

You can read more about Ursalink’s EM500-UDL here. Ursalink covers the ideal use cases, mounting opportunities and other specifications. Review the EM500-UDL User Guide here for additional information. https://youtu.be/kzsRfDWG-oE

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