Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Tank Level Measurement

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Tank Level Measurement - MaxBotix

ultrasonic distance sensor for tank level measurement Ideal for Rugged and durable tank level measurement These sensors are for use in your grain silos, water tanks and dams to measure the distance down to the surface level and gauge capacity with a cost-effective, simple to install ultrasonic sensor. This sensor is one of the most popular sensors used for monitoring the level of water tanks in remote regions of Australia and New Zealand. Their partnership with us has helped them grow as the sensors work very well with their product suite. LX Group designed a complete end-to-end Wireless Private LoRa/ LoRaWAN device with a 10-year battery life integrating with our MB7386 to provide the level of water in a water tank. Our sensor provides the height at which the level of the fluid is from the sensor The plug-and-play product works out of the box and is robustly designed to work in rough environments. Designed for agricultural applications, it can be adapted for monitoring environments in other industries as well. Find more information from the LX Group.


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