Ultrasonic Distance Reading with ATIM

ultrasonic distance reading for level sensing Industrial IoT Level Sensing Device

Villard-de-Lans, France based company ATIM leads IoT developing solutions for smart cities, smart energy, utilities and smart agriculture.

Their solution, the ACW-LVL uses MaxBotix WR sensors for ultrasonic remote distance measurement applications, which are Sigfox and LoRa ready. The ACW-LVL makes it possible to transmit the water level, snow, sand or a filling rate of silos or containers via the network. Working with ATIM will allow you to have a Proof of Concept solution available within 10 workdays. The Distance Sensor Measurement Use Cases Monitoring Tanks Levels
  • Track the rate of waste containers filling
  • Collect data about the levels in smart waste systems around a city
  • Organize the collection of waste
  • Optimize waste collection routes
Monitoring Levels in Agriculture Applications
  • Check the level of raw material silos on construction sites (sand, gravel, etc.) or on farms (cereals, grains, etc.) in real time.
  • Remaining stock can be quickly identified.
  • Schedule restocks on autopilot
Monitor Water Levels
  • Monitor the water level of rivers
  • Identify rising water levels during periods of heavy rain
  • Be aware of the level rising too rapidly and take safety measures when you see it.
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