MaxBotix® Inc., Ultrasonic Sensor Selected for Research

MaxBotix® Inc., custom-made ultrasonic sensors are scheduled for micro UAV flight-tests. Weighing in at less than seven grams each, these ultrasonic sensors are an evolutionary extension of the MaxSonar®-EZ line, except with custom high-power drive electronics, integrated sensitive amplifiers and envelope detection and signal conditioning. Arrays of these custom ultrasonic sensors provide the ability to yield long range real-time detailed situational awareness. Are you working on a flight application or thinking of making one? Try the MB1360 XL-MaxSonar®-AEL0™ for great results. The custom-made ultrasonic sensors were used in a micro-sized unmanned air vehicle, for more information on this spectacular project read Flies and bats inspire Aurora micro-sized unmanned air vehicle.
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