Track Water Usage and Levels with IoT Sensors

Track Water Usage and Levels with IoT Sensors - MaxBotix
SweetSense’s mission is to improve the transparency, accountability, and cost-effectiveness of remote water, energy, and infrastructure projects to improve health and quality of life. Their mission statement is: “We Fix the Internet of Broken Things” So far they have installed their solutions in Sierra Leone on drinking water cisterns that are serving the community. The (50) sensors that they are installing in Nigeria have a new form factor where they’ve incorporated the 3ft signal cable. Users of SweetSense can monitor water pumps, water filters, stoves, and latrines, with cellular or satellite reporting to Meanwhile, graphing the user and performance data in near real-time. Sensors and satellite connectivity come together in SweetSense. To improve environmental conservation, energy efficiency, and climate resilience, these devices monitor water use, conservation, and quality as well as air quality, agricultural productivity, and electricity consumption. For local and regional decision support, sensor data is posted to a cloud-based platform for machine learning analysis. The Cistern sensor has been used in a distributor sensor network to track drinking water resources in near-real-time. Sensors that can update a dashboard with current fill levels would greatly help track drinking water usage and availability in underserved areas. For more information on SweetSense’s solutions, visit their website here.

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