Tanker Truck Monitoring with RACSA

Tanker Truck Monitoring with RACSA - MaxBotix
tanker truck monitoring sensors Monterrey, Mexico based company RACSA has developed a diesel and gas level monitoring solution for tanker truckers using telemetry with GPS. Industries served:
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas
RACSA has been working with automated vehicle locating (AVL), telemetry, and developed security solutions for their customers using electronic detectors they have developed. RACSA’s AVL platform is developed and controlled by them in house. RACSA’s solution provides an electronically sealed system to prevent theft of product in the tanks. This strategy through satellite tracking software, GPS equipment, and a 0-voltage system and a dynamic token for the electronic seal to guarantee the client that the cargo was not looted, opened, or altered. tanker truck graphic Other Advantages:
  • Administration via web and mobile
  • Transmission via GPRS, satellite, wifi, and Bluetooth for opening events and the electronic seal
  • Automatically records each unauthorized opening in real-time, you can configure direct alerts to a cell phone or email.
  • It will have the exact position and time of the product violation at the exact moment it is occurring.
RACSA manages more than 80 teams that are compatible with their platform, with which they can carry out integrations if necessary.

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