Long Range Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor

Long Range Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor - MaxBotix

Osceola, MO based company NCD has developed an industrial grade ultrasonic tank level sensor working with our WR sensors. NCD develops wireless sensors, control systems, white label services and custom electronic design. Industries served by NCD include:

  • Automation
  • Car manufacturers
  • Steel manufacturers
  • Greenhouses
  • Power plants
  • Oil & gas
  • Agriculture

Our weather resistant ultrasonic sensor is used in a Wireless Tank Monitoring product line for NCD’s oil & gas and agriculture clients. This sensor features 1-mm resolution and target size compensation provides greater consistency and accuracy. It has a detection range of up to 5 meters (10 meters are also available on request) Send IoT data to PCs, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and MQTT Servers.


  • Wireless Tank Level Measurement
  • Bin Level Measurement
  • Long Range Object Detection
  • Proximity Zone Detection
  • Component of a Low Power IoT System
  • Industrial Automation
  • Wireless Tank Level Monitoring for AWS® and Azure®

Why work with NCD?

NCD has been manufacturing electronic products for the last 24 years. The wireless sensor product line has a long range, and no monthly cost to use the hardware and they work with most of the cloud and embedded computers.

More information

Articles will be released by NCD showing how to use this sensor with AWS, Azure, MQTT, USB, RS485 and others with other platforms. You can review details on the sensor here: NCD: IoT Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor for Tank Level Monitoring Product Manual NCD.io serves North and South America, Europe, Australia and some parts of Asia and Africa. Review and order this liquid level monitoring sensor here from NCD.

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