IoT Telemetry Systems with FDX

IoT Telemetry Systems with FDX - MaxBotix
Argentina based company FDX Ingeniería de Desarrollo uses MaxBotix sensors in their IoT level transmitter for wastewater. In addition to monitoring wastewater, river level monitoring has been a focus for the past 4 years. While building their solution, FDX realized, power supply, data storage and communication are typical challenges associated with remote measurements. FDX's data logger family offers a comprehensive solution, making any implementation simpler. With a built-in ultrasonic sensor, their FDX-RA1-3G is a low power, battery supplied level sensing unit that communicates with 3G. For local configuration, Hotspot can also be used. Characteristics of the Unit
Ultra low power consumption: <100uA in sleep mode. Internal storage for +10000 samples.
Unlimited external storage on FDX-GT or FDX-CLOUD. Internal temperature and humidity measurement.
IP68 protection. Remote configuration via FDX-GT or FDX-CLOUD.
Internal battery power supply with one year life under the following conditions: 1 measurement and 1 transmission every 1 hour.
Applications Served:
  • Levels of water effluents are monitored.
  • Monitoring the levels of sewage liquid
  • Network pressure remote monitoring
Resources FDX Ingeniería de Desarrollo - IoT Telemetry Systems FDX Ingeniería de Desarrollo - Services

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