IoT solution with an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

IoT solution with an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - MaxBotix
iot ultrasonic distance sensor Soficta Oy, Finland based company uses an ultrasonic sensor from MaxBotix’s WR line in their IoT based monitoring solution called Aistio District Monitoring – a comprehensive remote monitoring service, targeted for Energy Companies with District Heating and Cooling (DHC).

Aistio District Monitoring:

  • Ultrasonic sensor used for measuring water level inside DHC manholes
  • Battery operated device, with a lifetime 5 - 10 years, depending on the measurement interval
  • Operates via an IoT network, currently available for LoRaWAN
Read More: Visit Aistio Aistio District Monitoring (ADM) is a comprehensive monitoring service, that utilizes collected data of DHC chambers, information of pressure and temperature in DHC networks and open data from weather service. With this information, Aistio can create significant added value for the customer through remote monitoring and maintenance of district heating chambers and provide accurate information for network optimization.

Real-world applications include:

Aistio Service
  • Cloud based service platform build on MS Azure
  • Easy-to-use User Interface with map based visualization
  • Aistio platform can be integrated with existing maintenance, automation and production plant systems.
  • ADM Chamber – wireless monitoring of District Heating Chambers
  • ADM Network – wireless District Heating Network monitoring
  • ADM Premium – ADM Chamber and ADM Network features combined in one device
More information: Benefits:
  • Savings in operating costs
    • Unnecessary maintenance visits in chambers will be significantly reduced, leading to 50 % savings in operating costs.
  • Efficiency and savings in process
    • Measurements in DHC network provides additional information for the optimization of heat production and delivery process, enhancing the cost-effectiviness.
  • Comprehensive monitoring
    • Effective monitoring of DHC infrastructure and network discovers leakages quickly and massive damages can be prevented with predictive maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance
    • Due to predictive maintenance and repair work the amount of leakages will decrease, enabling decrease in costs of water heating and the needed supplementary materials.
Industries served by Soficta include:
    • Energy companies
    • District Heating and Cooling
    • Pilot phase in the Wastewater
Aistio services and solutions are currently available in the EU and can be scaled globally based on customer demand. Why would someone want to work with their company?
  • Aistio District Monitoring solution has been developed in collaboration with district heating professionals from several Finnish energy companies and enhanced regularly based on customer feedback. Based on the size of the district heating market and on the length of the distribution network, Finland ranks 4th largest in Europe.
  • 23 % of the Finnish Energy companies with District Heating branch are already Aistio customers.


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