IOT Sensors | Connecting Ultrasonics with the Internet

IOT Sensors | Connecting Ultrasonics with the Internet - MaxBotix
Our sensors have been used worldwide in IoT applications. Our most popular applications for IoT sensors include parking sensors, liquid level detection sensors, as well as waste bin sensors. While they aren’t a plug and play solution for IoT, they are a reliable integration as an IoT sensor. Iot sensors

IoT Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors detect the presence of nearby objects without physical contact and are normally used in robotics for collision avoidance. In parking, proximity sensors are used to monitor parking availability in parking structures like stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. Drivers can find an available parking spot via a mobile application that allows the system owner to collect data during busy times, short and long-term parking, and more. If you review our ParkSonar data sheet, this sensor series allows for the integration of several sensors into one system and experience little to no sensor interference. The ParkSonar doubles as a rangefinder by reporting range information over a serial interface. Use the calibrated beam patterns supplied in the datasheet to assist in choosing the right sensor for your application. Iot sensors Parking garage Our sensors used in kiosks are perfect for retail applications by interacting with customers as they approach a product. Special offers can be served and a connection can be made. In distance measurement, our sensors are used to precisely measure distances. The distance from the object to target is measured by the time it takes to transmit and receive ultrasonic sound waves from the transducer. By analyzing the data, one can calculate the distance between the object and the sensor.

IoT Fill-Level Sensor

Level measurement is a popular application of ultrasonic sensors in detecting liquid and granular materials. According to Waste360, “Container mounted sensors are the most effective way to know exactly what is happening inside a waste container.” In recycling and smart waste management applications, our TrashSonar has been leveraged to save money and optimize routes.

Where is the Internet of Sensors Going?

The sensors used in IoT are a major component in the success of these applications. Not only do companies want to integrate a reliable OEM sensor in their product, it matters to have the right support behind it. The sensors out in the field collect data and data is the new oil. It’s important to collect and interpret the data in order to make quantifiable decisions as it applies to our everyday lives. Are you working on an IoT based project or planning to with our sensors in mind? Contact our Technical Support at for assistance with sensor selection. Keep in mind: We do offer custom engineering services to customize any of our existing sensors in our product line to meet any requirement of a specific project, solution or product development. We do offer a wide range of customization services including custom firmware, hardware or aesthetic modification to accommodate individualized solutions.

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