IoT Remote Monitoring with Crodeon

IoT Remote Monitoring with Crodeon - MaxBotix
Ghent, Belgium based company Crodeon Technologies aims to simplify remote sensing solutions for organizations across Europe. Industries served:
  • Infrastructure
  • Industry
  • HVAC
  • Agriculture
  • Water
Crodeon Technologies - Start measuring today! from Crodeon Technologies on Vimeo. Types of Solutions: Crodeon is an end-to-end technology provider for real-time remote monitoring of buildings, machines and environmental parameters. Besides IoT they also offer weather stations, bi-directional sensor modules for relay control and resell a number of high quality sensors. What role does MaxBotix sensors play in their application? MaxBotix sensors are Crodeon’s preferred sensor supplier for ultrasonic level measurements, and with that being said, is part of Crodeon’s sensor line-up. View More Here Why work with Crodeon? Crodeon has a strong focus on plug and play hardware. Generally, customers wouldn’t need any technical skills to start using a Reporter, the MaxBotix level sensors or any other sensors from their shop. By standardizing their product line-up (only wired solutions) and optimizing their operations, they can keep the solution affordable for most customers. crodeon iot remote monitoring Additional Resources Visit Crodeon Technologies for More Effortless waterflow and groundwater level monitoring
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