IoT Agriculture Systems with Origo.Farm

IoT Agriculture Systems with Origo.Farm - MaxBotix

Perth, Australia based company installs systems for the harshest farming environments. provides an easy to use operation dashboard on any device, so with that and the server, you’re able to fully connect your farm IT system and store every data point for analysis.

Industry Served:

  • Agriculture

Solutions Provided:

  • Grain farming
  • Livestock
  • Control & Automation
  • Device service’s customers range from pure livestock operations through mixed operations like grain and livestock to grain only operations and outdoor vegetable growers.

What Does for Your Farm

  1. Dashboard - An easy to use operation dashboard on any device that’s user friendly and custom to your needs.
  2. Farm Server - The brain of your system. This server will store the raw data in the cloud for analysis.
  3. System Integration - Support for your existing systems like solar driven pumps, bins and silos, fuels and fertilizer tanks, and more.
  4. Weather Stations - They use weather stations to observe and monitor microclimates and environmental conditions that are relevant to your farming operation.
  5. Monitoring, Tank Top, and Control Stations - Monitoring and controlling your farm equipment using our range of stations. It is possible to monitor tank levels, flow, control pumps, fans, and valves.
  6. Camera Systems - The Crop&Stock camera provides on demand and time lapse to ensure your situational awareness.

What role do MaxBotix sensors play in’s solution?

Our sensors are used for sensing mainly the level of water and fertilizer in tanks and bins.

Why work with provides products that work (in the harshest conditions and at scale) and a Service Level Agreement with every device at a reasonable price that farmers identify as good value.


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