Industrial Solutions with ONSEN Ingeniería

Industrial Solutions with ONSEN Ingeniería - MaxBotix
Industrial Solutions with ONSEN Ingeniería Cordoba, Argentina based company ONSEN Ingeniería provides solutions for the industrial sectors. They focus on easy to integrate solutions for industrial processes already in operation. The goal is to help smart companies save energy and raw materials.

Industries Served

  • Mining
  • Water Treatment plants
  • Oil Industries
  • & More

How are MaxBotix sensors used in their solutions?

Our sensors are fundamental to the success of these solutions as they are necessary for reliable data collection.

Types of Solutions

  • Telemetry
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Automation

Featured Applications

Precision Agriculture
  1. Moisture information, and other information about the soil will allow the optimization of the water used in irrigation.
  2. Weather parameters help estimate the plantation state.
  3. Make early decisions and avoid irreparable losses by monitoring the harvest storage status in real time.
Air Quality- Interior and Exterior
  1. Air quality information provides the best resources to apply preventative measures.
  2. Have knowledge of CO2 levels, make decisions about ventilation of an environment.
  3. Make your institution safer and more reliable.
Water Quality
  1. Real-time pressure and flow management
  2. Prediction of potential failures and preventative maintenance
  3. Proper product management for the purification process.

Why work with ONSEN Ingenieria?

ONSEN carries out custom, scalable developments through a nationally manufactured IoT platform. Their affordable services are already used throughout their region. Find More Information About Their Solutions Here:

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