Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Cloud Computing Platform

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Cloud Computing Platform - MaxBotix
IIOT FogLAMP - Industrial Internet of Things Cloud Computing Platform Menlo Park, CA-based Dianomic serves several different industries with their solution. They use Fledge, which is an open-source framework and community for the industrial edge, to build their open source project, FogLAMP. FogLAMP uses a common set up application, management and security REST APIs with existing industrial “brown field” systems and clouds. This would be a great solution for Industrial solutions providers that are looking for ways to connect legacy equipment and automate their workflows. The image represents how FogLAMP will allow you to connect one sensor to the cloud or thousands of sensors to multiple destinations. dianomic iot network Source: Dianomic Industries Served:
  • Power/Water Utilities
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
FogLAMP Features:
  • Collect data from any/all sensors and IIoT devices
  • Aggregate, combine and organize all data
  • Pre-process, transform data in flight
  • Buffer data, never lose data even with poor/intermittent connectivity
  • Analyze data at the edge and fog layers
  • Deliver data to multiple on-premises and cloud destinations
  • Scale-up and out a single IIoT fabric for the entire enterprise.
Summary: The overall goal of FogLAMP is to address the fragmentation, complexity and vendor lock-in challenges by creating an open-source application that can be used as-is. Equipment manufacturers, OEMs and developers can enhance FogLAMP by introducing their own functions, services, plugins, and applications. This can truly be a flexible and customizable computing component for your IIoT project. Use Case with MaxBotix Sensors: If your company is looking for a way to connect your sensors in an IIoT application that you can fully control in house, this could be a solution for you. Read more about FogLAMP here:

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