End-To-End Software Product Development with Oncierre

End-To-End Software Product Development with Oncierre - MaxBotix
Bangalore, India based company Oncierre Systems provides end to end design, prototyping and manufacturing support. Their expertise is in designing full stack connected solutions - from concept to production. Oncierre's primary focus on IoT systems - integrating data from sensors, managing the data and building cloud based analytics to provide immediate feedback. Industries served by Oncierre Systems:
  • Renewables
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
What role do MaxBotix Sensors play in Oncierre's applications? MaxBotix sensors are primarily used in applications relating to flood, snow depth management and proximity sensing. Additionally, they can be integrated with other sensor technologies such as RFID tags or GPS for tracking purposes. Why would you want to work with Oncierre systems? Their expertise is in building connected systems. These have a mix of sensors, gateways and cloud interfaces. This coupled with their expertise of building solutions in diverse markets keeps them relevant. Related Content Building Vs. Buying an IoT Solution Using Ultrasonic Sensors in your IoT Application

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