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Parsippany, NJ based company Triotos serves Industrial and Commercial businesses that need an IoT solution. Sensor manufacturers or monitoring solution providers also work with Triotos to migrate to the cloud or to develop new solutions. Triotos provides a cloud based IoT backend built on AWS IoT core and applications.

Review the demo dashboard here:
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*Please note that the data in the demo is not from real sensors but simulated data to show the systems capabilities.


The Role Sensors Play Sensors are IoT ‘Internet of Things’ that are connected to the Triotos platform directly or via gateways. The Triotos solution is a customizable "Ready to Deploy" implementation that is deployable within months rather than years for a fraction of the cost from major IoT solution providers. Why Work with Triotos? Triotos is ideal for developers needing a customized IoT solution or need to augment existing IoT sensors/devices with a cloud based IoT solution. This is also ideal if you need to migrate an existing connected application or solution to the cloud.

  • Implements remote monitoring of client's products
  • Clients can monitor usage and failure data to provide a better service.
  • Embedded implementation allows a full demo with a complete set of initial applications and a hardware module that can be integrated with the customers’ existing control computer.

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