MaxBotix Inc., Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas from MaxBotix Inc., MaxBotix Inc., wishes you a warm, peaceful Christmas Season! Our CEO once commented that MaxBotix Inc., “Gets a new shirt and jeans each month”

Company Improvement

This has certainly proven true this year with the launch of a new company website, a dramatic increase in our production capacity (and demand), implementation of a company wide GTD system, continued product development, and support of many clients with a variety of standard and custom sensors.

Community Growth

Beyond our walls our community continues to amaze us, for a full list of examples look no further than the MaxBotix Inc., Company Facebook Page. There is a multitude of user videos that feature some of the most creative and amazing projects we have seen in a long time. To give you a taste you may want to view this autonomous mower. The musically inclined will definitely want to check out the AirHarp. Our industrial users will be pleased to know that our sensors have been experiencing integration into a number of cost saving systems, for a good example check out the article from ioBridge on measuring water levels over the internet.

MaxBotix Inc., Will Be Closed For the Holiday

MaxBotix is closed for the holidays and normal business operation will resume January 2nd, 2012. Our employee's are getting a much deserved week of vacation.

Looking Forward to the New Year

The new year will certainly bring many new innovations from both MaxBotix and our users. As a team, we are thankful to our customers for their creativity and also their support of our product. We look forward to continuing to supply the world with reliable, high performance, vision and detection systems.
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