How You Benefit from Our Payment Terms

Our customers’ success is our goal. In today’s market, this has never been truer. We want to meet our customers’ expectations on all levels including performance, quality, and price. Being part of the sensor industry, price is always a huge part of the decision-making process. MaxBotix has committed to providing cost-competitive, high quality, long-lasting sensor solutions. Our payment terms help us meet this goal.

Our founder and CEO, Bob Gross, watched many of his friends and acquaintance companies fail in tough economic times due to late or non-payments on terms. A single large customer that defaulted sent businesses into a tailspin which left the other customers receiving the collateral damage. He asked himself “how do I protect my customers over the long haul and ensure our sensors were always available? I cannot allow non-payments to hold my customers’ orders hostage.”

He arrived at a less practiced method of payment that is far more beneficial to our end-users rather than the traditional Net-30 terms. Prepayment on orders. Since we are a prepayment company, we have not had to factor in labor for tracking payments, delayed payments, late payments, or non-payments into our pricing structure. This means our customers are saving thousands of dollars on high volume orders. That’s why we have kept industry low prices for robust industrial quality ultrasonic sensors.

We have developed our frame order program. This is 50% down on the total order and 50% due prior to shipping each shipment. This allows our customers to leverage the full benefit of our volume pricing resulting in the maximum savings on the order. This continues to give our customers a competitive advantage.

We design our sensors to meet a minimum of a 20 year MTBF. Additionally, we engineer our manufacturing processes with high-quality standards and testing throughout the process to ensure the sensors you receive are fully verified and meet specifications. We even measure the values of the components we used to build our sensors PCB’s to ensure everything meets specification. This again saves our customers the cost of sensor failure. In many installations, the cost of replacing a sensor ranges from $250 to $1500 in labor, travel, and equipment. Ensuring a quality sensor is used is critical to the long term success of our customers’ project.

We value every customer. We hope to earn lifelong clients through our commitment to personalized customer service and support, cost-effective sensors, and quality that you can count on. We realize that our business payment methods are different from what some typically use but the overall benefits and protection they provide are part of the security you find when you design a MaxBotix sensor into your project.

Should you have any questions on our payment policies, please let a customer service representative know. We want to ensure your questions are answered.

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