Kiosk Sensors for Digital, Interactive Advertising & Self-Service Solutions

Kiosk Sensors for Digital & Interactive Advertising

Digital and interactive advertising kiosks deliver real-time marketing messages. Interactive digital advertising kiosk sensors are capable of detecting people as well as objects that move. When a person is detected by the sensor, for example in the airport, the advertising kiosk interacts to catch the attention of a passing consumer. Advertising displays monitor and record the sensor's output to gather marketing statistics. Digital and interactive advertising are currently being used in airports, shopping centers, sports arenas, and various other markets and industries. The benefits of these self-service and interactive systems are lower overhead costs and better consumer and employee satisfaction.

Sensors for Privacy Solutions

Personal and private information is being exchanged and entered into self-service kiosk computers. For these environments, a kiosk sensor can connect to the computer. When the kiosk sensor reports the user has walked away, the kiosk can automatically lock. The kiosk user can be confident that their data is secure. Self-service solutions are being used in hotels, healthcare systems, airport ticketing, and human resources. Kiosk sensors can help ensure HIPAA compliance (or similar privacy compliance) not only in hospitals but in all kiosk installations.

Benefits of Kiosk & Interactive Advertising Sensors

The ProxSonar sensors are ideal for digital and interactive advertising kiosks in bringing advertising to another level for both the advertiser and the consumer. This type of advertising reduces wait-time and makes for a better customer experience. The real-time information can be used to increase traffic and potential sales. This type of advertising also allows advertisers to be more responsive to consumer needs.
  • Available in USB for plug and play integration
  • Small and discrete
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Matched performance, test once and deploy thousands
  • 200,000+ hour MTBF
  • 100% calibration and testing
  • Engineered, Tested, & Assembled in the USA
  • Thousands shipped each week
  • Easy to order
  • Direct manufacturer support
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Ultrasonic Range Finder for interactive kiosk application

Kiosk Sensors

The advanced filtering in the MaxSonar sensors that have been recommended for kiosk applications include the ability to operate with multiple sensors simultaneously. The filtering is also preprogrammed with trigger distances to ensure the kiosk only acts when a person is within a certain distance. This allows the kiosk to operate reliably, even when multiple kiosks are set up in the same environment. Click here for full article.
people standing in front of a kiosk

People Detection

Many sensor applications require the user to detect people in an environment. MaxBotix® Inc. provides ultrasonic sensors that reliably detect people, and our sensors have been installed in a large number of people detection applications. While every sensor carried by MaxBotix® Inc., has the ability to detect people, simply purchasing a sensor with 10-meter ranging capabilities does not mean the sensor will detect a person all the way out to 10 meters. Your application has the best chances of success when you put careful consideration into the sensor selection process. Click here for full article.