Collection: Tank Sensor

The Tank Sensor is a low‑cost liquid-level monitoring sensor that uses ultrasonic technology for non-contact sensing. The Tank Sensor is designed to be an easy-to-use sensor for applications where liquid-level detection is desired. This sensor is great for use in containers that are typically difficult for ultrasonic devices such as tanks, barrels, and bins. This is because the Tank Sensor has a teach feature (only available if using serial communication), that can train the sensor to what an empty container looks like. This helps allow the sensor to range properly even in the presence of otherwise detectable obstructions like corrugation.

Features of the weather-resistant Tank Sensor, include centimeter or millimeter resolution, short to long-distance detection, range information from 50 mm to 5000 mm for liquid level detection, a ~2Hz read rate, and three simultaneously available outputs: a real-time analog voltage envelope, a scaled analog voltage, and serial communication in either RS232 or TTL format.