Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensor with LoRaWAN

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Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensor Radio Bridge


The sensors designed and manufactured by Radio Bridge provide full sensor to cloud solutions for Internet of Things applications. The ultrasonic level sensor provides high accuracy ultrasonic proximity detection and ranging in air. If the measured distance rises above or falls below the configured thresholds, an alert is sent over the wireless network. You can view the Radio Bridge Connector here. The bridge ensures easy integration with the Radio Bridge interface and allows LoRaWAN connectivity for any HR series sensor with TTL output.

MB7985 Radio Bridge Connector

mb7985 radio bridge


Features include:

  • Built-in radio that talks directly with LoRaWAN wireless networks
  • Two types of tamper detection: enclosure tamper and wall mount tamper
    • Enclosure tamper detects if the packaging of the sensor itself is opened or broken Available on the RBSx01, RBSx05, and RBSx06 sensors.
    • Wall mount tamper detects if the sensor has been removed from the wall or mounting point. Available on the RBSx01 and RBSx05 sensors.
  • 200,000+ transmissions on a single battery and a 5-10 year battery life depending on usage. See the Battery section for more detail.
  • Fully integrated internal antenna
  • Over the air sensor configuration in the field
  • Automatic low battery reporting and supervisory messages

Primarily serving North America (US, Canada, Mexico) and the EU

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