IoT Water Level Monitoring and Flood Tracking Sensor

IoT Water Level Monitoring and Flood Tracking Sensor - MaxBotix

iot water level monitoring and flood

Carnation, WA based ToltHawk has developed a fully customizable hardware and cloud solution to monitor water levels remotely.

Typical industries served by Tolthawk include:

  • Monitoring rivers & streams,
  • Flood monitoring,
  • River basin simulation
  • Roadway monitoring for flood conditions
  • Wells, snow, dams, water tanks, irrigation flumes and weirs, soil moisture, and many others.

ToltHawk Solutions

ToltHawk provides a fully customizable hardware and cloud solution for use in many wireless, level sensing applications.
  • Standard hardware solution:
      • Real-time water and sewer level monitoring and analytics
      • Connects with a variety of sensors and platforms
      • Built in recharging circulatory from a variety of power sources
      • Ultra-low current usage allows operation for years without recharging
      • Wireless data can be sent via cellular, LoRA, or BLE 5.0
      • Auto detects any MaxBotix serial output sensor
  • Standard cloud solution:
    • Easy to use dashboard
    • Built-in powerful analytical and simulation tools
    • Five user levels for security
    • Allow/deny data to be publicly viewable
    • Built-in comments and crowdsourcing
    • Import data to Excel or access via API

iot water level monitoring and flood tracking sensor

How ToltHawk uses MaxBotix sensors

ToltHawk can be used to monitor the levels of water, snow, trash, and various other materials. The sensor component automatically detects and works with any MaxBotix serial output (RS232 and TTL) sensors.

Why work with ToltHawk?

ToltHawk works with a variety of customers for their specialized and customized applications. If a ToltHawk solution fits your needs, they will gladly work with you to customize their solution for your application. ToltHawk can also provide low cost consulting to help your needs in a variety of hardware and cloud platforms. ToltHawk’s standard devices work with cellular networks in 130 countries. For remote locations with no cellular signal, you can use LoRa. Pictures of some installations are here. You can review live and historical data of publicly available locations on their main dashboard here.

level sensing and flood tracking sensor

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