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IoT Distance sensor - MaxBotix
Sweden based company ELSYS uses a sensor from our WR line in their IoT Distance Sensor. The applications supported for this sensor unit is for smart cities, industrial applications and local authorities can take advantage of its use. With this solution, you have the possibility of detecting and measuring the distance to objects in various spaces. The ELSYS ELT-2 is enclosed in an IP67 rated box and is designed to be mounted outside or in harsh environments. iot distance sensorReal-world applications include:
  • Underground water level measurement
  • Waste level measurement in containers
  • Snow depth measurement
The ELT-2 also has embedded sensors for measuring the ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and acceleration. This makes this solution a powerful tool to give you full control over the environment you decide to place the device in. The ELT-2 is battery driven with a battery life up to 10 years and is configurable over NFC with a smartphone or tablet using ELSYS application “Sensor Settings”. ELSYS is a member of the LoRaWAN Alliance and all products are compatible with any LoRaWAN network. ELSYS provides sensors, connected devices, and network solutions to customers all over the world. All of the products are designed and manufactured in Sweden. Review the ELSYS ELT-2 here. iot distance sensor mounted iot distance sensor mounted

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