High Performance Solar Power for IoT

High Performance Solar Power for IoT - MaxBotix
Brooklyn NY based Voltaic Systems develops solutions for trucking, environmental monitoring, agtech, and parking. They develop solutions based on solar power. Voltaic Systems manufactures and supplies small solar panels and solar-ready battery packs. Nearly all of Voltaic’s industrial customers are using their solar panels to power a sensor and communications over the network. Those customers performing tide or water level measurements are consistently using our weather-resistant ultrasonic sensors. Our ultrasonic sensors are easy to use in remote applications because they can operate at low voltages and have very low power consumption. For solar-powered applications, low power consumption translates to the ability to use a smaller (and less expensive) solar panel or to transmit more data with a given size panel. Voltaic designs and manufactures small scale solar panels built to withstand long-term outdoor deployments in harsh environments. They have built out a wide range of accessories including panel mounts, extension cables, and USB battery packs to speed up prototyping and deployment of solar-powered applications. Voltaic works closely with engineers upfront on projects of any size to choose the correct panel given their power consumption and lighting conditions. In addition, Voltaic will advise on circuit design to make sure as much power as possible is delivered to the device. You can review case studies of current products deployed in the field below.

Use Cases

Tide Monitoring With Ultrasonic Sensors Sentient Things uses its IoT platform to measure and report tides in real-time. The system measures water height along with wind speed, water temperature, air temperature, and atmospheric pressure. tide monitoring with ultrasonic sensors Solar Powered River Gauge with Particle Community funded StreamBeam built stream monitoring gauges using ultrasonic sensors, Particle Boron and Voltaic solar panels. They were placed on bridges in Alabama and provide updated data every 15 minutes. solar powered river gauge particle Solar Powered Remote Water Level Monitoring Northwestern California based Pacific Watershed Associates is an engineering firm that specializes in complex watershed issues. One of their services monitors the water levels in local streams and water flows to agricultural users. solar powered remote water level monitoring

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