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ultrasonic distance sensor Aranet is an Aurora, Colorado-based company producing solutions for warehousing, cold storage, horticulture, building automation and food manufacturing. They serve the industry with wireless sensors, base stations, and cloud solutions. In their Aranet Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, they use our sensor to measure the distance to an object. (Detecting grain levels, liquid levels, and more.) How it works: A high-frequency sound wave is emitted by the device, measuring the time it takes for the wave to reach the object and then return to the sensor. This sensor solution’s intended use is for distance monitoring, It’s IP67 rating ensures that it has protection in dusty environments and protection against water intrusion. The battery will last up to 7 years in this particular unit and the line of sight range is at least 3km, according to Aranet. This sensor can work with a wide range of liquid and non-liquid materials. Practical applications include:
  • Grain levels in silos
  • Liquid levels in containers
These easy to use sensors are easy to deploy, accurate, high quality and durable. If you're looking for a sensor solution for measuring levels of grain or liquid, review Aranet’s solution here: https://aranet.com/product/aranet-ultrasonic-distance-sensor/ Review the datasheet here: Datasheet

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