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Innovative Ultrasonic Sensors


Easiest to Use High Performance Ultrasonic Sensors for OEMs, Engineers, Distributors & Educators

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MaxBotix Inc., designs and manufactures ultrasonic sensors for a wide variety of applications. We have been driving innovation in the ultrasonic sensor industry for the last 10 years. Our ultrasonic sensors make great distance sensors. They are made in America and shipped worldwide from our 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Minnesota, USA.

Integrity & Excellence. Customer satisfaction is our first priority — including product selection, design, development, ordering, shipping, and technical support. Ordering is easy through our ultrasonic sensor online store or customers can purchase from one of our many distributors worldwide. MaxBotix Inc., offers hundreds of easy-to-use ultrasonic distance sensors across 20 product lines. See our product catalog of ultrasonic sensors, we carry sensors for a wide variety of applications such as Kiosk Applications, Robotic Applications, UAV Applications, Vehicle Profiling Applications and People Detection Applications.

Inc 5000 Overall Seal Inc 5000 Overall Seal

Inc. Magazine ranks MaxBotix Inc., No. 1752 on its 35th annual Inc. 5000, an exclusive ranking of America's fastest growing private companies. The Inc. 5000 list presents the most comprehensive look at America's job creators. Companies are ranked according to the percentage growth of their annual revenue over a three–year period.

Bob Gross, President & CEO says, "It's an honor to be recognized among the leading companies in America. We appreciate our employees for their dedication and talent, as well as our loyal customers for their support."

Ultrasonic Sensors Made in the USA -
All of our sensors are made in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Application Specific. Different applications require different ultrasonic sensors. We design our processes to manufacture ultrasonic sensors by the thousands. It is that simple. Engineers and OEMs value our factory calibrations because once a product is selected they can move forward with their large-scale deployment without manually configuring each individual ultrasonic sensor.

    Featured Applications

  • People Detection
  • Remote Bin Measurement
  • Automated Store Displays
  • Water Level Measurement
  • Parking Ultrasonic Sensor
  • More Applications

MaxBotix Inc., The Best Ultrasonic Sensor Solutions

Corporate Mission. We believe in products that make a difference. Our goal is to design and manufacture ultrasonic sensor technology that drives innovation and creates exciting new industries and applications. We are always surprised with how creative customers are in using our ultrasonic sensors. See for yourself on Facebook. Our products make new technologies possible, productive, and profitable.

  • Mission. Be the ultrasonic sensor company of choice by providing high quality, easy‑to‑use, cost effective ultrasonic sensors that meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Quality Concept. Meet the requirements and expectations of our customers by continuously improving our products, services, and business processes.
  • Industry Vision. Creating vision for the future.

Community Vision. Our community mission is "Better Jobs for a Better Community". In 2014, we were selected as one of three finalists from 900 companies by the Brainerd Area Chamber of Commerce for the Business Excellence Award. You can read the article in the Brainerd Dispatch: MaxBotix Repurposes Equestrian Center. And, yes, we started in a garage like other great innovators!

  • Proven Applications. We have invested years in product design and development. See our list of Applications.
  • Consistent Quality. Factory calibrations are performed for our ultrasonic sensors to have the same response within a specified range for the same target — every time!
  • Custom Solutions. Our engineers work with you to design, test, and manufacture a custom solution if we do not already have the sensor for your application.

The Ultimate Collection of Ultrasonic Sensor Tutorials and Guides. Explore exclusive tutorials & guides for beginners and advanced users. Enjoy tutorials for setting up the Raspberry Pi Zero for an i2C ultrasonic sensor, how to connect a Raspberry Pi Zero with an USB ultrasonic sensor, how to use a Raspberry Pi with ultrasonic sensors or for any of your Raspberry Pi projects. This collection gives you great In-depth information for all your ultrasonic sensor needs.


Ultrasonic Sensor Application Based Selection
Inc 5000 Overall SealInc 5000 Industry Seal

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