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Build a Better Robot with The Right Ultrasonic Sensors.Are you looking for more reliability?Better Accuracy?Lower Power?

Finding the right technical support, reliability and products at the right price point can be difficult.

That's why we want to help you from the beginning to choose the right sensor for your application.

A few things to consider when choosing a sensor:

  • What type of environment is your application?
  • What is your preferred sensor output?
  • What is your preferred sensor resolution?
  • checkWhat are you targeting?

Finding the Right Sensor for Your Robot

Choosing the proper sensor for your robotic application is easier with guidance.

In our guide about the Best Ultrasonic Sensors for Indoor Mobile Robotics, we covered these 3 models of sensors listed below.

Unlike many other low-cost alternatives, we calibrate our sensors to minimize performance variance between parts of the same number. We offer a wide range of product lines to cover as many applications as possible, and we provide support in sensor selection, troubleshooting, and custom product design.




How You Benefit From Using Our Sensors​

  • Secure and Reliable Supply Chain
    • As a start to finish manufacturing company, we understand the need for exceptional products.
    • We choose to do business with vendors that provide us with quality products and services.
  • Factory Calibration and Testing
    • All of our sensor beam patterns have been factor calibrated to fit into a wide variety of applications.
    • In our product lines, each model number will come with a different beam pattern that will reflect the sensitivity and the detection zone of how it sees a target.
    • We strive to maintain consistency between our finished products, and you will see little to no deviation between sensors of the same model.
  • Sensors Matched to Customer Applications
    • We have Application-specific sensors which result in trusted sensor performance and allows you to select many of your sensor specifications, from resolution to sensitivity.
  • Our Products are Manufactured to Last
    • Our high Mean Time Between Failure of 200,000+ Hours shows that our products last.
  • High Volume and Scalable Production
    • We easily support deliveries of over 10,000 units per week.
  • Sales and Tech Support Staff
    • We are eager to collaborate with you through the Design Cycle of your project.
  • Payment Terms
    • Prepayment benefits you because you save money.
    • We eliminate the additional costs and risks of payment tracking, delayed payments, late payments or non-payment in to the pricing structure.
  • Large Volume Scheduled Orders
    • We accept purchase orders for up to one year with scheduled delivers.
    • This gives you the best per part pricing on your sensors.
  • Customized Sensors
    • We offer custom and semi-custom sensors to meet your exact needs.

Contact us now for Sensor Selection Assistance or Fill out our Quote form below and one of our representatives will be in touch to walk you through the process of selecting our sensors based on requirements and placing an order.

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