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01 - MaxSonar Quick‑Start Guide
02 - MaxSonar Troubleshooting Guide
03 - Using Analog Voltage Pin 3
04 - Using Pulse Width Pin 2
05 - Using Serial Data Pin 5
06 - Using a MaxSonar with an Arduino
07 - Using a MaxSonar with a Raspberry Pi
08 - Wireless Sensor Monitoring
09 - Using a MaxSonar on a UAV
10 - Reading MaxSonar Beam Patterns
11 - Configuring USB‑MaxSonars
12 - Using Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors
13 - Finding Direction and Distance
14 - Snow Sensor Mounting Notes
15 - MaxBotix Code Examples
16 - Controlling A MaxSonar Sensor
17 - People Detection With a MaxSonar
18 - Web‑based Remote Monitoring
19 - Outdoor Use of MaxSonar‑EZ Sensor
20 - MaxSonar Copyright Status
21 - Human Safety Application Use
|     Written By: Carl Myhre & Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 01-06-2012     |
LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 QuickStart Guide

An Easy to Follow Guide

This guide is serves as an easy to use set-up guide for the LV‑MaxSonar‑EZ Ultrasonic Sensor. MaxBotix Inc., is excited to provide this guide which is designed to assist you in using your MaxSonar sensor for the first time!

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
MaxSonar Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting the MaxSonar Sensor Family

Our sensors are improved to not allow unstable readings. Occasionally unstable range readings occur. Within this tutorial we will explain how to identify, trouble shoot, and eliminate the cause of unstable range readings. This will work for all lines of sensors

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
Calculating Distance from Analog Voltage

Finding Distance from Analog Voltage (Pin 3)

The Analog Voltage pin on the MaxSonar family of sensors has been the most popular output for our users. All of the MaxSonar sensors have this output included. This guide will give a look into how to use it for obtaining the distance to the target being detected.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
Calculating Distance from Pulse Width

Finding Distance from Pulse Width (Pin 2)

All of the MaxSonar sensors have an output waveform that is a pictorial representation of distance measured. For the majority of our sensors that waveform output is a pulse width. Unlike analog voltage, pulse width does not scale with power input.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
Using RS232 with a MaxSonar

Connecting The MaxSonar® to a Computer

The MaxSonar® can be directly interfaced to be used with your PC, if you have a PC with a DB9 Serial. Connecting the sensor to a computer allows the user to see range readings that have already been processed to distance using RS232.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     Date Posted: 04-30-2014    |
How to use a MaxSonar with an Arduino
The Arduino micro-controller is one of the most popular development boards for electronics enthusiasts. With the ability to control components such as buzzers, LED’s, servos, motors, and LCD’s, Arduinos have become the go-to selection for users that are looking to start into electronics, firmware coding, or automation.
With three simple interfaces, it is easy to connect a MaxSonar to an Arduino. For assistance with setup, coding, and wiring, MaxBotix Inc., has made it easier to interface our sensors with an Arduino.
|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     DatePosted: 08-29-2013     |
How to use a MaxSonar with an Arduino
MaxSonar sensors now come with a TTL serial output in our HRLV‑MaxSonar‑EZ and HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WR sensor lines. With this new output interface, MaxSonars are compatible with many more devices than before. This includes the popular Raspberry Pi micro‑computer.

MaxSonar sensors now come with a TTL serial output in our HRLV‑MaxSonar‑EZ and

HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WR sensor lines. With this new output interface, MaxSonars are compatible with many more devices than before. This includes the popular Raspberry Pi micro‑computer. MaxBotix Inc., is glad to provide this tutorial on connecting MaxSonar sensors to the Raspberry Pi and reading the range output of the sensor.
|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     DatePosted: 11-19-2013     |
How to use a MaxSonar with an Arduino
Using a MaxSonar with ioBridge products have proven to be effective methods of monitoring distance over the internet in real-time from anywhere in the world. This solution quickly connects you to the real-world information you want from a variety of devices. Using this system, users were able to watch the build of up hurricane Sandy in real-time. With the new Wireless Endpoint Pro, by ioBridge, pretty much anything can be monitored by remote. The remote based monitoring is website based which means it is
accessible through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We walk you through how to setup a Wireless Endpoint Pro and how to interface our sensor with this module.
|     Written By: Scott Wielenberg     |     Date Posted: 02-18-2012     |
Reading MaxSonar Beam Pattern

MaxBotix Inc., sensors have been successfully used on a number of multi‑copters. Even so, many users have had issues getting the sensors to operate reliably. Sensor operation on a quad‑copter is a challenging environment for an ultrasonic sensor to operate reliably.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
Reading MaxSonar Beam Pattern

MaxSonar Beam Patterns

MaxBotix Inc provides beam patterns for all of our sensors to assist users in choosing the correct sensor for their application. The beam plots provided are approximations to target sizes and distance. Though our beam plots are accurate for the sensor and may differ slightly from sensor to sensor for each part number.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 10-23-2012     |
USB-ProxSonar Configuration

USB-ProxSonar®-EZ™ Computer Configuration

MaxBotix Inc., has released USB‑MaxSonar ultrasonic sensors. The USB‑MaxSonar ultrasonic sensors feature an easy to USB interface that uses a standard Micro-B USB cable to connect to a computer.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
Using Multiple MaxSonar Sensors

Chaining MaxSonar Sensors

When using a single sensor typically it is possible to just let it range continuously in free run mode. This method is very easy and works very well.

|     Written By: Carl Myhre     |     Date Posted: 01-12-2011     |
Finding Direction and Distance to a Pole

The MaxBotix Inc., HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ1 (MB1013) makes the perfect robot sensor for robot pole finding, navigation, distance sensing, direction, and alignment. This sensor provides your robot with real time information about its environment that can aid in the navigation around and to obstacles. Using two sensors on your robot will provide an easy and accurate method of pointing your robot directly toward a distant object.

|     Written By: Tony Szczodroski     |     Date Posted: 05-30-2013     |     Updated 11/1/2013     |
MaxSonar-WRS Mounting Image
MaxBotix Inc., has recently released a reliable, high accuracy, and inexpensive sensors for precision snow depth measurement. The HRXL-MaxSonar-WRS and SCXL-MaxSonar-WRS Sensor lines are an evolution of our HRXL-MaxSonar-WR and SCXL-MaxSonar-WR sensor lines, respectively. In the real world snow environment, at our facilities in northern Minnesota, this sensor line was proven and optimized,
|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
Reading MaxSonar Beam Pattern

MaxSonar Code Examples

Here are several programming samples we have tested at our facility. They include:
a code example for BasicX, and BX24p. a code example for the Basic Micro, Atom.;
a code example using Wright Hobbies, DevBoard-M32 (AVR using Bascom).;
and a code example using Parallax, Basic Stamp BS2.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
Triggering a MaxSonar

Controlled Ranging

All the MaxSonar sensors, by default, will operate in a free run mode. What this means is the sensor will continue to range until power is removed from the sensor. This is generally the easiest way to operate in a single sensor setup.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     DatePosted: 07-10-2012     |
Using MaxSonar for People Detection

Ultrasonics and People Detection

All of the MaxBotix® Inc. ultrasonic sensors are capable of detecting people. The range that the MaxSonar® family of sensors is capable of detecting people greatly varies from sensor to sensor.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar     |     DatePosted: 07-20-2012     |
Web Based Remote Monitoring a MaxSonar

Remote monitoring for the MaxSonar is easily available with the help of a bridge device such as the IoBridge IO-204. It has become simpler to integrate a MaxSonar into applications like measuring tide level or fuel level. The IoBridge IO‑204 module allows for remote sensing over the internet. All that is needed is a MaxSonar of preference, the IO-204, high-speed internet connection, and a power source for the IO‑204.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |
Using MaxSonar-EZ sensors outside

Although the LV-MaxSonar®-EZ™ and XL-MaxSonar®-EZ™ sensors were designed for "protected indoor environments", the LV-MaxSonar®-EZ™ and XL-MaxSonar®-EZ™ sensors has been used outdoors in very rugged environments.

|     Written By: Tom Bonar    |     Date Posted: 07-10-2012     |

MaxBotix® Inc., products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems.

Author: Janice Wielenberg  Date: 11-25-2014
ParkSonar-EZ Sensor ReleaseMaxBotix Inc., developed a sensor line specifically for parking garage applications that has unique properties. MaxBotix Inc., released the ParkSonar‑EZ ultrasonic sensor line tailored to meet needs in the parking garage industry.
Author: JKW & RH   Date: 11/25/2014
MB8450 Car Detection SensorThe MB8450 Car Detection Sensor is a USB ultrasonic proximity sensor with a True/False output that detects cars in a variety of installations. MB8450 sensors can be used to enhance the customer experience, such as giving an automated greeting shortly after their arrival that can result in greater efficiency of staff.
Author: Bob Gross    Date: 11-24-2014
MaxBotix Thanksgiving 2014 This has been another exciting year of outstanding growth. This year the Brainerd Area Chamber of Commerce considered MaxBotix Inc., for the Business Excellence Award.

While we didn't place first, we were one of the three finalists and that was truly wonderful. If you are interested click through to read the article covering our company and the Business Excellence Award Nomination.
Author: Tom Bonar  Date: 05/08/2014
MaxBotix Inc. Sensor Selection The sensors in the MaxSonar family have always been easy to use, but now we have made it even easier to select the proper sensor for your application. We have just released the new Sensor Selection Guide, that is as simple as choosing the environment type and the application.
Author: Tom Bonar     Date:06/18/2012
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